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Mykonos the jewel of the Aegean Sea
To all who wish to experience the magic of this island, this site offers a lot of information for the travellers. Mykonos is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture.
When someone arrives in the beautiful island of the Aegean Sea, the windmills, the small churches and the beautiful locations offer the traveller a unique experience The people in Mykonos are very friendly and hospitable and guide the travellers in many places in the island.
That’s why Mykonos is the “jewel of the Aegean Sea. Over the years Mykonos became a strong tourism industry with thousands of visitors every year. In the island the visitors can see many taverns and nice hotels with great view to the sea Also for the travellers who are looking for adventure, the island’s natural beauty offers them unique experience which they cannot find in any other island.

History of Mykonos
Mykonos the jewel of the Aegean sea is a beautiful island in Cyclades which attracts many travellers every year.
According to ancient Greek mythology, Hercules and Poseidon destroyed the Titans enemies of Zeus. The island got its name from the grandson of Apollo Mykon. In ancient times, Mykonos and Delos an island near Mykonos became very important islands as a supply island. When the island of Delos begun to develop as a sacred center, in Mykonos appeared effects of different people like the Phoenicians, Macedonians and Athenians who controlled the area for many years until the appearance of Alexander the Great.
In his reign Mykonos became a commercial centre for agriculture and trade. Due to its geographical position, the future of the island continued to bloom and during the reign of Augustus Caesar and the Romans, the island has acquired great wealth. During the Middle Ages Mykonos was under the sovereignty of the Venetians. At that time, slavery was common and thousands of islanders were slaves.
The Greek war for independence which ended with the liberation from the Turks in 1830 highlighted the heroine Manto Mavrogenous which came from Mykonos and defeated the Turks in the 1822 attack. Since ancient times the Cyclades became popular as a natural terrain suitable for piracy. The island of Mykonos has acquired great influence which lasted up until the early 19th century. During the Second World War Mykonos suffered greatly from hunger. It took until the mid-50s for tourism to grow once again..
Due to its unique architecture and hospitality on the island Mykonos soon became a haven for the rich and famous.